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Claire’s Dry Challenge

Whether you want to cut back or quit cold-turkey, our resident sobriety expert Claire Touzard has the tips to help you out with tracker to help you try dry.

  • WEEK 1

  • Congratulations! You have completed 1 dry week!

  • WEEK 2

  • Congratulations! You have completed 2 dry weeks!

  • WEEK 3

  • Congratulations! You have completed 3 dry weeks!

  • WEEK 4

  • Bravo! You have completed Dry Challenge!

  • You’ve decided to try dry. Bravo. There are many things we are used to that will all of a sudden feel more challenging. Lucky for you, Claire’s here to give her tips for challenges you may face along the way.

    • Kombucha: with the fermented fizziness and bitter bubbles that we associate with alcoholic beverages, kombucha is a perfect alternative if you’re trying to stay dry. A bonus point is that it is fantastic for your gut health.

      Try: Daniel Wright’s Kombucha brewed on Claire’s home-turf of Brittany
    • Non-Alcoholic Beer: Steer clear of the usual brands (you know the ones)

      Try: Independent brewers like Brooklyn Lager and the quintessential Belgian Leffe, both of whom do a fantastic 0,0%.
    • Nature!
    • Going for a big walk in the forest can definitely be romantic. When you’re sober, you are more connected to nature as you can appreciate the fresh air.
    • Getting back to our roots and immersing ourselves in nature and purifying air does wonders for the soul. Take a minute to notice your surroundings when you are next out in the world and treasure the small things that you may otherwise have missed.
    • Honesty!
    • It is always easier said than done but honesty is the best policy. For me, the cold, hard truth of admitting to friends and family that I was an alcoholic was the best step to take as once this truth is confronted the open conversations can begin.
    • Another hard but liberating truth to remember is that by going sober you can get rid of the people who are not positively serving your life. Friendships that are superficial are easier to spot now and you can, therefore, alter these attachments or cut them loose.
    • Writing!
    • To journal and document your day to day when going through such a change as sobriety can encourage and provide much needed positive fortification.
    • Even if you’re not a writer, just write down your feelings everyday and then you can look back on your first day and see the hopeful and optimistic changes.

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    Share any thoughts and feelings after try drying and earn 5 points!