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Ron’s Power Mottos

The revolution will not be televised but will be visible from your backyard. Read and remember these mottos, we all have a voice, we all can move towards positive change with Ron as our guide.

“Everyone has a voice if they choose to use it. Use your weapon wisely. Do you want to do damage and harm or do you want to grow beauty and health?”

“Let’s show people how to tend to the land, and tend to themselves.”

“One thing the pandemic taught us…what is truly, truly important?”

“We’re all custom. We find out how the child needs to learn and we teach them. We don’t try to indoctrinate them with what we want them to learn, what we think they are going to need. Let’s break that shit.”

“It’s already in you just pull it out.”

Klara - Notes


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    Let’s start in our backyard! Take a picture of something you’ve planted and earn 5 points!