Westcombe Cheddar

by Westcombe Dairy

£ 6.00


One of Osip’s neighbors, Westcombe Dairy makes a flagship traditional clothbound Cheddar in the lush hills of East Somerset. Their cheddars are made by hand, aged for around 12-18 months and made from unpasteurised milk.

Expect a mellow yet complex flavour, with notes of hazelnut, caramel and citrus. Perfect on a cheeseboard, in a sandwich or of course, bubbling a top Merlin’s Pumkpin and Chard Gratin.

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Size & Details 
(per 100g)
ENERGY : 1829kJ / 441kcal
FAT : 36.4g
– of which saturates : 24g
– mono-unsaturates : 9.3g
– polyunsaturates : 0.8g
SUGARS : 0.2g
PROTEIN : 25.8g
SALT : 1.95g