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This week on Semaine, we celebrate Klara's oh-so-soothing vocal talents (it's no surprise her latest album was named Lullaby & Drum Machine) as she serenades us through the city of light and love.
This week, join Margot and her husband, fellow Tastemaker Fergus Henderson in the kitchen as they prepare the perfect dinner for a party of six. Braised Duck Legs and Carrots.
We all need a little bit of a break sometimes. This week, tune in as Susanne takes you through her day and teaches you the little tips and tricks of how to fully relax and recharge in a day.
Tune is as Jemima talks and draws all aspects of her life. From Art, to motherhood, GIRLS to real life...
This week tune in to familiarise yourself with the growing force of robots. Learn about how (with caution) and why you should accept them into your life.
This week tune in as Paul teaches you about the essentials of Mycology. So that you too, can spread the message about the importance of mushrooms in todays world.
Lily. Optimistic guru. Climate activist. Green entrepreneur. The call of the wild is hard to hear for some, especially when runway music is playing. Not so, for Vogue cover star turned high-profile environmentalist. Tune in as Lily explores why we should, and can, find optimism in our changing world.
Enter the colourful world of designer and creative consultant Matilda Goad...her world is a reality we’d always like to live in. Watch as she shares her tips to throw the perfect garden party.
Tonight, how about Delfina's recipe for Torta Della Nonna? You need not make it with a pearl ring. You can swap in diamonds, if you like.
Join Katy in her London Living Room, as she goes through her 'A-Z of Great Women Artists'.
Tea, jam, and Trivial Pursuits = the key to happiness? This is the definition of whatever hygge actually is. Dig in.
In this video, Poppy talks us through the functions of her app 'Happy not Perfect', and if you skip to a little later on, leads us in an empowering meditation to set our minds straight.
Trouble sleeping? Have no fear, Luke is here to read you a bedtime story, and he is not afraid of scary fairy Maleficent... are you?
This week on Semaine we're calling the doctor. Medical doctor, neuroscientist, author and Chief Science Officer at Heights she's calling in from self-isolation in the nick of time with practical tips and tools to help us thrive rather than just survive these turbulent times.
Enter the classroom to meet our new teacher, Elisa, to learn about the fundamentals of her social enterprise, Funtasia.
Daisies, summer, South of France. What is a recluse to Amelie Pichard? Watch to find out:
Learn from the best (chicest) they said, and we are. Tune in for the ultimate guide on how to truly chic with Sabine Getty:
Never heard of bread drama? Tune in this week to meet Mr. Poilane:
Having as much creative energy as Hans takes organisation. He is notorious for organising his life around a number of habits.
This week meet chef-slash-designer-slash-artist Laila Gohar. In Laila Gohar’s world tomatoes hang from the ceiling, towering pyramids of langoustine compete for attention against mortadella sausages the length of a king size bed, and butter arrives in the shape of an outstretched hand or a pair of floating lips...
We joined Ruth at the River Cafe kitchen in London to learn how to make the perfect tomato sauce.