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Oil Be There For You

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Olive Wood Cheese Board

Maison Carthage


Hydrangea Ribbon Scrunchie

Merrma Earth


Olive oil Ceramic bottle

Maison Carthage


Surf the shop

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Marée Jeanne Surfboard

Broadening his “body and…soul” again,  Antonin recommends this surfboard from the French-based brand, Surfin Estate. Fusing together art and innovation, this board is a trusty companion for any surfer, no matter where in the world. The use of high-quality materials ensures that the Marée Jeanne surfboard will accompany you with all of those magic moments in the water, and boost your skills whilst doing so! Click to explore Antonin's Semaine

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Gardian Natural Man boots

La Botte Gardiane


Saint-Hubert à Passant Trousers

La Blouse de Lyon


Gelato Fringe Sweatshirt

Reward If Found


No Trash Talk

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Papier-Mache Pulp

Creativ Company


Choose Earth Tee

Choose Earth


Donate to Choose Earth

Choose Earth



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BAO cookbook

Amassing a cult of hungry fan's, you can now bring the signature recipes home from London’s cult favorite restaurant BAO. Offering a taste of Taiwanese food culture with 100 signature recipes for steamed buns, noodles, xiao chi, fried chicken, and more. Click to explore Erchen's Semaine

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Shop Plain Emergency Noodles on Semaine

Plain Emergency Noodles

BAO London


Ceramic Tea Boat

BAO London


BAO cookbook



Mother Mycelium T-Shirt

Help Mother Mycelium, Save Mother Earth. Wear Paul Stamets' 12 favourite mushrooms (for a reason!) and learn about them in our 'Mother Mycelium Handbook'. Each T-shirt comes with an educational newspaper, created with Paul, that covers the importance of mycology today and mycromediation, and provides a dictionary of the mushrooms we should all know. Everyone recognizes button mushroom and shitake, but impress your friends with your shirt full of fungal species. Click to explore Paul's Semaine

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Mycelium Magic

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Semaine Tastemaker Paul Stamets x Semaine limited T-Shirt subscriber-badge

Mother Mycelium T-Shirt

Semaine x Paul Stamets

Semaine Tastemaker Paul Stamets uses lion's mane supplement

Lion’s Mane Supplement

Host Defense

Semaine Tastemaker Paul Stamets Foraging Knife

Foraging Knife

Modern Forager


Cheese Dreams

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"Say Cheese" Knife

Introducing our 'Say Cheese'  knife, created with the founder of Formaje, Clara Diez, and Sabre. Ours is a cheese knife that will make you smile! You know how to cut your cheese now (watch our video again if you still have any doubts), what will you cut it with? The ideal knife for hard cheeses, and neither too big nor too small, this will be a perfect companion on your cheesy journey. Its elegant tortoise effect handle engraved with "Say Cheese" will remind you that cheese is to be shared and enjoyed with others. The knives are made by the traditional French cutlery house, Sabre, and engraved in France. Each knife comes with our "Cheese Gazette" which includes a history of cheese, a guide to Clara's favourite cheeses, tips on how to pair your cheeses with the right drinks, some cheesy fun facts, and more! Click to explore Clara's Semaine

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Semaine x Clara Diez x Sabre Say Cheese Knife subscriber-badge

“Say Cheese” Knife

Semaine x Clara Diez x Sabre


Whole Manchego DOP



Medium Wrap

Bees Wrap


"The Twins" Mug

Have you ever wondered how the Olsen twins went from Full House to fashions chicest dementors? Anything you drink out of this cup might give you some of that magic too. From black coffee to straight gin. Always accompany with a Marlborough, and don’t forget to not smile and always look busy. Always. Click to explore Raven's Semaine

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Spill the Tea

Men by Raven Smith

Raven Smith’s MEN

Raven Smith

Semaine tastemaker Raven Smith wears running trainers by Ascis

Running Trainers


Semaine tastemaker Raven Smith recommends his book trivial pursuits

Raven Smith’s Trivial Pursuits SIGNED COPY

Raven Smith


Get Your Skate On

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Maje knitted beanie hat

Clover Knit Beanie






GRLSWIRL x Triple8 Pad Set



"Semaine Post" Scarf in Green

The Semaine Post scarf makes your Sunday paper run that little bit more tempting. Join the positive post movement and adorn the attire, too, this time in green.

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Semaine Post Dreams


“Semaine Post” Scarf in Green

Semaine x EcoKnitware


“Semaine Post” Scarf in Yellow

Semaine x EcoKnitware


“Semaine Post” Cap



Laila Land

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Gohar World by Laila Gohar Cutlery Rest

Cutlery Rest

Gohar World

Gohar World Laila Gohar Lace Bonnet

Lace Bonnet for Fruit & Vegetables

Gohar World

Laila Gohar Gohar World Bean Plate

Black Bean Dinner Plate

Gohar World

Crane Stainless Steel Pan Set

Stainless Steel Pan Set



Heller Melamine Dinnerware Set

Massimo Vignelli

Laila Gohar selects Simone Rocha hair slide for her Semaine Shop

Hair Slide

Simone Rocha


New Year, New You

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Skin Tea Molecular Herbal Infusion

Skin Tea Molecular Herbal infusion is a great alternative to coffee and "has relaxing properties that are part of an overall wellness approach to support healthy skin.” Wellness from within and an opportunity to upgrade your morning routine. Click to explore Barbara's Semaine Size & Details 50ml Ingredients: Camomile, Ginger, Fennel, Licorice and Rose Petals provide soothing herbal notes Infuse 2g of the tea with 200ml boiling water for 5-6 minutes

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Barnes Computer Glasses

Caddis Eye Appliances

The Gwen Legging by Ayda Activewear

The Gwen Legging

Ayda Activewear

Red Light Therapy by Qure

Red Light Treatment



Sourdough Loaf

The signature Poilâne sourdough loaf is made from four ingredients: sourdough, stone-ground wheat flour, water and sea salt. Who knew something so simple could be so delicious! Baked in a wood-fire oven, this loaf is not something you can simply recreate at home. Focus on baking up some more banana bread at home and treat yourself with this Poilâne loaf which can be delivered directly to your doorstep, or of course, picked up from the bakery.

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The Bakery

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Linen Bread Envelope

Poilâne® x L/Uniform





Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock



Double Vision

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"Double Love" Set of Glasses

Who says a pair needs to match? It's in our differences that we are more beautiful. With colours chosen by Lucia Pica to capture the spirit of love, these glasses were brought to life by multidisciplinary artist, Boris de Beijer, with a master glass blower. A duality of a matte and smooth finish complete these beautiful objects. Double the love, double the colour, double love lasts longer.

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"Double Love" glasses by Semaine x Lucia Pica x Boris de Beijer subscriber-badge

“Double Love” Set of Glasses

Semaine x Lucia Pica x Boris de Beijer

Lucia Pica selects Kimbo Coffee Napoli for her Semaine shop

Aroma di Napoli Coffee


Lucia Pica selects Cristaseya Shirt and Trouser Set for her Semaine shop

Shirt & Trouser Set